Andre Anderson - Glendale, AZ, Police Leader With Ferguson Experience

About Andre Anderson

Currently commanding the Police Department's Special Operations Division, Andre Anderson is a respected presence in the Glendale, Arizona community. However, for more than six months in 2015, Andre Anderson accepted responsibilities as interim police chief in Ferguson, Missouri.

Mr. Anderson worked with diverse constituencies in a volatile Ferguson community that had experienced social unrest and become ground zero for civil rights activities nationwide. Employing evidence-based practices, he successfully built consensus and enabled race reconciliation in ways that protected citizens, law enforcement, and property owners.

Mr. Anderson joined the Glendale police force in 1991 as patrol officer and was responsible for maintaining order while responding to emergencies and service calls. His analytical skills enabled burglaries to be thoroughly investigated and earned him a position as undercover narcotics detective.

In the early 2000s, Mr. Anderson was a basic training sergeant who supervised 150 employees while guiding Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy training initiatives. Able to develop and prepare recruits, while instilling leadership skills, he also prepared police officers for testing that led to promotions.